The Power of Simplification in Distributed Control System (DCS).

Optikindia offering GE Netwin and Nexus Controls Distributed Control System.

  1. When a plant fails to operate correctly, Control System is there to help plant operators improve their decision-making speed and accuracy.
  2. The unified software environment quickly and accurately changes the application system logic that controls plant operations in real-time, online.
  3. This capability found with Netwin & Nexus OnCore Control System optimizes up-time without the need to rely on the manufacturer.

Key Benefits:

  • Low total installation cost
  • High operational effectiveness
  • A single license for a unified software program
  • Ease of configuration, expansion and troubleshooting
  • Seamless interface
  • A single solution for multiple asset or unit types


A Next Generation Distributed Control System to Save Your Time and Money

Each operator station supports control, monitoring, and configuration of the entire system. This allows a uniform graphical interface for all plant operations. Features of the operator station and HMI include:

  1. Administrative control of user access levels
  2. Single-point display for monitoring and control.
  3. Flexible alarm-monitoring capability (available in alarm list or embedded in operator graphics).
  4. Real-time and historical trend reports; both time-based and event-based options.

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We Provide the Solution for the given DCS

  • Honeywell.
  • Yokogawa.
  •  Invensis Fox Boro
  •  ABB

Programmable Logic Control (PLC)

We Provide the Solution for the given PLC

  • Rockwell Automation: We are Recognized System Integrators by Rockwell Automation.
  • Siemens: We are Regional System Integrators by Siemens Automation and Instrumentation Divisions
  • GE IP:  We offer solutions on GE based on customer preference

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