about us

Optikindia is a Growing Instrumentation and Control system integrator offering technical solutions and services in the field of process optimization services and automation solutions provider through innovative idea and support. We have built a great place to work; one that thrives on diversity and benefits communities around the areas we operate in.

We provide design, engineering, manufacture, testing & commissioning services to a wide range of factory and process industries. Our team of Design Engineers, Site Engineers and project managers ensure the delivery of Projects in line with Customer’s design specifications and satisfaction. We ensure timely delivery of projects in co-ordination with our partners.

Value delivery to customers is a core value at Optikindia. We believe in serving our customers above and beyond their expectations. Our unique proactive approach helps us better understand customer issues and work out long term solutions.

We provide commissioning management services helping the industrial facility contractor or owner in successful and proper testing and commissioning.

Our automation solutions are based on standard and open products avoiding any proprietary solutions in order to simplify the integration with other existing systems and future expansions on the plant floor and with enterprise level applications and systems including reporting and planning tools.

Being a commissioning service provider is reflected on the way we implement our projects by giving the right attention and time to the details during design stage and to properly engineer our solutions in a way that guarantees a smooth system commissioning and startup.

We are sure that Optikindia services can provide enormous benefits in terms of reduced initial and operating costs – with the additional benefit of almost 100% availability of measurement.

If you’re looking for a highly engaged, innovative, and successful automation engineering company to help you optimize your processes, Contact OptikIndia. Our company has years of experience in mechanical, Instrumentation and electrical engineering systems integrations supported by our Team of Expert capabilities.

Our automation engineering services assist companies in ensuring greater control and efficiencies in their manufacturing processes. We offer full service, support and training for each of our systems.


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