Performance Analysis, Diagnosis and Optimization System

Let Optikindia help you optimize your operations

Maintain your plant at optimal efficiency

1) Improve efficiency by improving operation and maintenance.

2) Improve fuel savings and empower your teams to maintain asset economic expectation with an asset reliability and thermal advisory solution for data driven decision making.

3) Improving the quality of measurements by data validation.

4) Evaluation of boiler, turbines, condenser and other components.

Your thermal and equipment performance is only as good as the expertise behind the automation.

Turnkey Hydrogen Generation Plant

Dealing In Alkaline water electrolysis Hydrogen Generation Plant

Our product includes:
• Water electrolysis hydrogen generator
• Hydrogen purification system
• Hydrogen system with renewable energy

  • CHG series produce 99.999% purity of Hydrogen Gas with the dew point is down to -70°C.


  1. Chemical area: Ammonia, Methanol, Gasoline hydrogenation etc.
  2. Hydrogen filling station
  3. Hydrogen Power Plant
  4. Industrial use for metal deoxidization, glass.
    process, power plant cooling etc.
  5. Renewable energy for fuel cell.


Boiler Tube leakage Early Detection System

Reducing Boiler Downtime and Repair Expense

A boiler tube leak detector can discover high-pressure steam or water leaks caused by rupture of a boiler furnace water wall, super-heater, or reheat combustor at an early stage to keep damage to the customer’s boiler to a minimum.


  • Early leakage detection & Identify the location.
  • Advanced analysis & sound spectrum.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Interface with DCS/PLC and Remote monitoring.
  • Self-diagnostic for independent channel health.

Conveyor Belt Scale System

Most accurate and efficient method

Belt scales are most accurate and efficient method to measure bulk material flow on conveyer belt. Belt scales are used for various applications like dosing, Batching, inventory, bulk storage, etc. Optikindia offer state-of-art design, maintenance free, reliable and accurate belt scales consists of, Very rugged, floating, multi idler, low deflection, Single weighing frame suspended by Tension type loadcell at Four points for precise dynamic mass measurement. Coupled type, digital speed sensor to measure real precise conveyor belt speed. Digital, high performance, Microprocessor based programmable Controller.

Optikindia belt scales are design for conveyor capacity upto 10000 TPH and conveyor speed upto 8 m/s. and confirm to deliver desired accuracy of +/- 0.25% of rated capacity.

Major Features:

  • Accurate weight first time & every time.
  • Fast, economical installation
  • Use of superior quality steel ensures better sectional efficiency and load bearing capacity.
  • Factory build and calibrated with stringent quality standards.
  • The calibration and testing for each system is carried out prior to delivery.

Digital Truck Weighbridge System

Designed with demanding industrial environments

  • Fully assembled, 100% welded construction
    • extra strength and no weak spots
  • Industry leading robust Weigh weight sensors
    • quick accurate weigh readings
  • Cost-effective ownership
    • lasts longer than competitor truck scales and less downtime
  • Modular boltless sections
    • simple hook design allows quick and easy installation and extension
  • Local service and support
    • network of approved distributors on hand to install and maintain your truck scale

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